Currency Exchange

When it comes to exchanging your money with another currency, Al Neel Exchange is the best place to visit. Whether you are looking for foreign currency because you are travelling away, or you just came from overseas and want to sell your foreign currency, you can always be sure that we will serve you the best, and offer you the best deals.

International Remittances

Al Neel Exchange provides remittance services for both corporates and individuals. We are the quickest, safest, and most trusted choice when you want to send money to others, or receive money transfers from overseas. And you can be sure that our prices are definitely the best.

Wages Protection System WPS

Whether you have a small, medium or large organization, Al Neel Exchange can customize the salary payments for your facility. With years of experience and perfect knowledge of the federal laws and requirements, Al Neel Exchange is the best and easiest place to guarantee your peace of mind when it comes to settle your employees’ monthly salaries and avoid any trouble. Whether our clients prefer cash payments, bank transfer, or payroll cards, our WPS department can customize the salary payment plan according to our clients’ needs.

International Transaction Systems

Whether you prefer Western Union or Instant Cash, Trans-Fast or Prahbu Money, Cash Express or Leader, we have it all in Al Neel Exchange. With us you can send or receive money instantly, thanks to our wide collaboration with different transfer systems from all over the world.

Utility Bill Payments

We offer you the easiest options to pay your monthly bills. You don’t have to waste any more time waiting in lines to settle your bills in different places. Al Neel Exchange offers you the easiest and fastest solution. Just visit one of our branches and enjoy world class services.

International Mobile Top-UP

We offer our clients the chance to top-up their mobiles overseas in a quick and easy way. All you need to do is visit one of our branches and add balance to your overseas mobile.

Credit Card Payment

There is no need to stay in lines or waste a lot of time to settle your payments, Al Neel Exchange offers an easy and safe way to settle your credit card payment with any bank in UAE.

Airlines Booking Confirmation

Confirm your booking and settle your payment with Al Neel Exchange without the need to visit the airline’s offices. Our staff will finalize the booking for you while you finish preparation for your travel.

General Pension and Social Security Authority GPSSA – Insured payments

We are offering an easy and convenient method to deposit the local employees monthly GPSSA sharing into the GPSSA participant accounts, we also help you to update your profile and information at GPSSA authority for all your local employees.